A Note from Frances – Balance

Balance - Upper Adirondacks

Balance – Upper Adirondacks, 22 x 30 inches, watercolor on paper, 2014 by Frances Gaffney

There is a sequence to these painting/meditations. Balance really should have come before Extension but I loved the image in Extension so much that I jumped ahead. That threw me a little out of balance. I’m going back to producing the works in their original order.

What does it mean to be balanced? When one’s life is in balance one is well rested, properly nourished and ready to be engaged. We know what it means but how many of us truly allow ourselves to lead balanced lives? Protecting our precious environment is important because it preserves clean, beautiful and natural places where we can go to restore balance in our lives.

Yes, those are toy jacks spinning on the mountain tops. Be playful.


Learn how to be balanced in your home with the help of a Burden Basket.


We are so excited to be hosting Frances Gaffney this summer as our first Artist-in-Residence! She’ll be working at the AIC May through August, frequenting the trails to create beautiful and thoughtful pieces inspired by the local landscape.

Frances presenting at the AIC's 3rd Annual Loons and Logs Day

Frances presenting at the AIC’s 3rd Annual Loons and Logs Day

She will not only be here to work on her art, she’ll also be here for you! Throughout the summer, Frances will be available to speak and interact with the public. Every Sunday, guests will discover Frances working out along the trails. Feel free to stop by to observe, chat and share techniques and tips with Frances. She will also be leading drawing and watercoloring workshops on the last Saturday of every month. In these workshops, participants will discover their own artistic style while further developing their skills. Don’t miss out on these unique opportunities to connect with this fantastic local artist!

Throughout the summer, Frances will be writing entries for our blog about her work and experiences at the AIC! Learn more about Frances in our Q & A post with her.


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