A Note From Frances : Flow

“In the great flow and sweep of your eternal reality there will be an overall current of love and creativity that carries you.”

              – Jane Roberts

"Flow" by Frances Gaffney

“Flow” by Frances Gaffney

Flow. It just looks impossible. There are always several options available. One could panic and experience the consequences of that choice; one could employ a kind of psychic GoBack and revert to a time before the possibly wrong course was taken; or one could trust intuition to steer oneself toward a safe course. Be open to receive inspiration which will come in the form of a hunch or a sudden idea. Nature will assist and a rock in the stream will divide the water so that it must flow around the impediment.

Deepak Chopra offers this exercise: “In whatever way you can today, go with the flow. Do not resist or oppose; do not control. Proceed with your day without expectations.”

When it has been raining hard for three days and it seems the ground can’t possibly absorb any more water, to go with the flow is a leap. Trust that the trees will not lose their hold. Let the sound of the raindrops be a reminder that rainfall can be pretty. The torrents will slow down as they always must.

There is a difference between what is possible and what is probable. What is probable depends upon your beliefs about what is possible.


Frances presenting at the AIC’s 3rd Annual Loons and Logs Day

We are so excited to be hosting Frances Gaffney this summer as our first Artist-in-Residence! She’ll be working at the AIC May through August, frequenting the trails to create beautiful and thoughtful pieces inspired by the local landscape.

She will not only be here to work on her art, she’ll also be here for you! Throughout the summer, Frances will be available to speak and interact with the public. Every Sunday, guests will discover Frances working out along the trails. Feel free to stop by to observe, chat and share techniques and tips with Frances. She will also be leading drawing and watercoloring workshops on the last Saturday of every month. In these workshops, participants will discover their own artistic style while further developing their skills. Don’t miss out on these unique opportunities to connect with this fantastic local artist!

Rich Lake 15 x 11 (458x640)

Rich Lake, by Frances Gaffney, watercolor (15 x 11)

Throughout the summer, Frances will be writing entries for our blog about her work and experiences at the AIC! Learn more about Frances in our Q & A post with her.


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